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Introduction to Qigong and Chi-Lel Qigong

by Aspen Bernath-Plaisted

Here's some information on Qigong. I think I will start by talking about qi or chi as it is commonly called. Chi is the life force or vital energy that flows through all living things. Without chi there can be no life. An easy way to explain about chi is to refer to acupuncture since so many people are now familiar with that. When applying acupuncture needles the goal is to stimulate the flow of chi in the body so there is harmonious flow which is never stagnant. The chi flows through meridian pathways throughout the body and nourishes and replenishes the organs, tissue, bones, muscles, etc. along the way. Sometimes the chi can be analogous to a car driving down the roads(like meridian pathways) at 5pm traffic when suddenly there is a traffic jam and it can go no further. When this happens there is no longer harmonious movement and, therefore, there is stagnation which gives dis-ease a chance to advance in the body. Just as acupuncture needles can help to alleviate this traffic jam or blockage by stimulating the chi flow, so can the practice of qigong mind/body movements re-stimulate the harmonious flow of chi and thus restore the practitioner to a state of wellness. Gong refers to the energy or effort which one puts forth for cultivating chi on a daily basis by practicing the qigong mind/body exercises. So we have the ancient Chinese healing art of Qigong as the daily practice and effort involved in cultivating vital life energy for restoration and rejuvenation of good health.

Chilel™ Qigong was founded by Dr. and Grandmaster Pang Ming in the 1970's and he established The Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Clinic and Training Center, which was a medicineless hospital. Chilel™ Qigong is differentiated from other qigongs in several ways. First of all,while many other forms begin by uniting mind/body and internal chi in stillness, and then opening up to exchange chi with nature's chi, Chilel™ begins by exchanging internal chi (the chi we already have in our bodies), with nature's chi referred to as Wan Yaun Qi. This exchange occurs between the skin as we work with the concepts of open/close. That is we open to exchange our chi with nature's chi and close to merge with and bring back into our bodies through our skin to the inner organs. The chi continues to permeate inward until nature and man/woman are one and when this occurs great healing can take place. While many other forms of qigong refer to abdominal/air breathing, Chilel's™ emphasis is on chi breathing which involves expanding out in all directions to become one with the chi field or nature's chi. This is done by combining the concepts of in/out and open/close with visualizaton and intention. The intention is to visualize the blue sky permeating the body. We become invisible in chi. The concept of establishing a chi field is also a feature of Chilel™ Qigong which is enhanced with group practice. The chi field unites our intention to become one with nature's chi and greatly multiplies the ability to cultivate chi. It reminds us that we are all connected to each other and a part of this great invisible network of chi. When practicing alone we remember that we are always a part of this great wholeness and that significantly improves the benefits.

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