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I Am the Quiet of the Falling Snow is a collection of spiritual reflections and stories about life that offer inspirational guidance for allowing one's life to truly be a healing and transformational journey. These introspective stories are intended to serve as vehicles for facilitating an increased awareness and higher understanding that can lead to a shift in perspective. This shift is intended to enhance one's quality of life on Earth.

This book is about helping individuals learn to access their higher selves for the purpose of deepening their spiritual relationship. At the same time it also delivers down-to-earth, hands-on assistance for maneuvering through some of life's inevitable challenges while remaining whole and growing stronger.

Told through universal themes of childhood and growing up, and traveling through grief, loss, and transcendence, each story is richly layered with the qualities of hopefulness and love. The reader is reminded that they are never alone, and that each new moment represents the beginning of new possibilities and opportunities for continued healing, supported by the combined efforts of mind, body, and spirit.

Light As A Feather embodies poetic thought that spans decades of experiencing, enjoying, creating, and observing life. Aspen Bernath-Plaisted's heartfelt, sincere, and pure expressions display a love and respect for all beings. She has the courage to question and the spirit to honor the beauty of life.

Despite "the pressure of being a human being," Aspen Bernath-Plaisted is a hopeful writer, one who is a careful observer of both the human and natural worlds and who looks to make connections between them. Whether it is excitement about a pair of purple slippers, a cardinal glowing red on the branch of a dead tree at sunset, or monks chanting "until the inner and outer universes find each other," Bernath-Plaisted works to illustrate that "There always seem to be/two sides of a story": there may be grief, but there is also joy, there may be death but there are also "the tops of trees/inviting resurrection/as ultimately/resurrection lives in me." -Anita Skeen, Director, RCAH Center for Poetry at MSU

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