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Hypno-Chi Therapy

Aspen Bernath-Plaisted

Hypno-Chi Therapy has been an evolution throughout the course of my lifetime. The common thread throughout all of my activities on earth has always involved the ideal of bringing heaven to earth, so we can live life with integrity, love, and compassion. In 1980 I found my way to discover and explore the use of Hypnotherapy as a healing art. There is a wide array of benefits that can be accomplished with this tool including: visualization, relaxation and wellness therapies, regression used for pinpointing and releasing the origins of a difficulty, particle and cellular work used for offering suggestions (abundant with love) for hopefulness and accelerated healing.

Chi is the life force or vital energy that flows through all living things. Without chi there can be no life. Sometimes the chi can be analogous to a car driving down the road when suddenly there is a traffic jam and it can go no further. When a "chi jam" happens in the body there is no longer harmonious movement of chi and this can result in illness. The practice of Qigong mind/body movements can re-stimulate this flow and thus can restore the practitioner to a state of wellness. Chi Lel™ Qigong is a particular form of Qigong. It is a form developed by Dr. and Grandmaster Pang Ming. It is extremely inspirational and empowering. At the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center in China they have documented, according to United Nations standards, a 95% effectiveness rating. Chi Lel™ Qigong is practiced as a series of movements strung together into a flowing form ingeniously designed for opening meridians and releasing energy blockages. It can accelerate healing, increases body awareness and flexibility, improve stamina, and deepen spiritual relationship.

Developing Hypno-Chi Therapy has been a very natural joining of the two healing arts that blend together in a symbiotic relationship with each enhancing the other's performance and facilitating very powerful results. By applying all the avenues available for reaching the sub-conscious mind, and employing the affirmations and visualizations used for tapping into the chi field, we can experience the healing effects of chi which then becomes imprinted at the sub-conscious and cellular level. This creates a new blueprint for health and continued healing and ultimately transformation. Hypno-Chi is a highly relaxing and extremely inspirational therapy and is a wonderful intervention for chronic and acute ailments of the mind, body, and spirit.

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