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Overview of Holistic Counseling

Aspen Bernath-Plaisted

Holistic Counseling is the manner of counseling which offers clients a much broader and complete point of view by taking into consideration and receiving benefits from the combined efforts of the mind, body, and spirit aspects of one's self. This is a very unifying approach to transformation, and offers great possibilies for personal growth. Holistic Counseling presents opportunities for an integration of one's self which is extremely harmonizing and balancing to the psyche.
This approach is very uplifting and opens the door for hopefulness and a better sense of well-being even in the midst of difficult circumstances. The goal is to look at one's circumstances as needed; past, present, and/or current, while also maintaining an increased level of trust that many possibilities for a healing transformation remain open and are possible to achieve.
I work with clients utilizing an interactive triangle of self-esteem, spirituality, and empowerment, as well as, introducing a concept for change which I refer to as the 3 A's for change: acceptance, awareness, and action.

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