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Bringing Heaven to Earth

A Note From Aspen Bernath-Plaisted

'Bring Heaven To Earth' has always been my motto. I believe that we can learn to live on earth with wholeness or integrity of being, where we are naturally moved to manifest our greatest qualities, and where we are guided by love and compassion. Therefore since 1980, utilizing Hypnotherapy and Energy Work, I have offered visualizations and suggestions about the intention to merge with one's higher self and imprint that wisdom on each and every cell in the body. Thus imprinting new healing messages and instructions for utilizing this higher level of understanding for creating a better quality of life on earth. In essence, creating a new cellular blueprint for your goals including good health and happiness. It has been my joy and a source of great inspiration to be able to apply Hypnosis, Hypno-Chi, and Chilel™ Qigong as a means to accomplish this.

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