i am not offended by the April rains
nor by grandmother wind’s announcement
that it is time for her to carry away
and disperse old energies

i say bravo
please come and do as you may
for there is much
work to be done

please cleanse for renewal
for these are changing times
and true to the spirit of the wind
it is indeed time

time to take a long deep breath in
then sigh in sweet release
i do remember hearing once in a ceremonial dream
“ it is time to release that which is meant to be released
and to receive that which is meant to be received”
i say Amen to this

the fresh rainwater understands this language
for it speaks to them innately
about that which they already know
to be the truth of their purpose
they understand this gift

so send down if you will
your tiny droplets of hope
as you promise to renew and nourish all those in need
now add your crystal sparkle to preserve onto this earth
that which is dearly holy