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Video Resources

I have set up the videos numerically in order of their placement in the form. Also, expect for the videos to open in a new tab of your browser.

These videos are not intended to be a difinitive representation of the form. Use them as a reference. As always refinement will take place in the classroom.

1-Beginning Movement Video 2-Ward Off Left Video 3-Ward Off Right Video 3-Ward Off Right Closeup Video 4-5-Rollback and Press Video 6-Push Video 7-Single Whip Video 8-Lift Hands Advance Video 9-Shoulder Strike Video 10-White Crane Spreads Wings Video 11-Brush Knee Left Video 12-Play Lute Video Brush Knee Series Video 17a-Step Forward, Side Deflection Video 17b-Parry Video 17c-Punch Video 18-Apparent Closure Video 19-Cross Hands Video


T'ai Chi Section 1 Set 1 Video download

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