Understanding Hypnosis

Aspen Bernath-Plaisted

Although sometimes portrayed as mystical or magical, hypnosis is neither. Instead, used as a tool by a trained Hypnotherapist, hypnosis offers a journey of incredible magnitude deep into the sub-conscious mind revealing an oasis of information and memories. Hypnotherapy is the practice by which this oasis of self-knowledge is unlocked. It facilitates an altered state of mind where the Critical Faculty or everyday judgements are suspended and replaced with Selective Thinking, that is pleasing and acceptable suggestions.While in an hypnotic state, awareness is greatly increased, sometimes as much as 2000 times above normal everyday awareness. This heightened state offers expanded initiative and insight for change. Hypnosis is a very alert and focussed state. It is believed to be a state somewhere between sleep and wakeful, one which we enter into on our own several times throughout the day.

Common Myths About Hypnosis