Ah, this dirt road breathes deep sighs of peace and joy,
quietude and solitude,
and whispers the footsteps of
deer and rabbits and so many brothers and sisters
that scurry about with the pleasure of sweet earth
beneath their hooves and toes.

This dirt road is graced by the shadows of
sandhill cranes gliding, clacking, laughing overhead
red-tailed hawks screeching their presence, and
red-winged blackbirds flitting from tree to tree.

And the creek meanders over, under, across
and sometimes swims the width of road
while cattails stand their ground in swamps and
frogs have won anew arenas,
and this dirt road offers a soft gentle bed for
those little beings awaiting a new day
to emerge once again.

This dirt road emerges again relieved by its
spongy, springy, tender body
that no longer sends dust to sting the eyes
and fill the nostrils of all animals who alight upon it,
but instead now receives the feet with a velvet touch
to cushion and help them along their way.

Listen…this dirt road tells the story of
dogs astray and woodchucks announcing
that spring has arrived this very day;
of horses and humans sharing relationship and companionship
as little children smile upon their backs and
wave to neighbors who lift their heads out of flower beds
to say good day, good day.

And sometimes it holds the memory of the cat
with lovely stripes or colors of black and white
who did not make it home that night,
while the flashlights searching and yearning
illuminated the tears that streaked the faces and the glimmer of hope
that was left with the footsteps now etched
in the memory of this dirt road.

Let us not forget the secrets, sworn never to reveal,
that this dirt road buries deep within its layers
perhaps about the children at last free
to hurry recklessly on wheels making grooves
within this dirt road,
or the friends that wander care-freely
and mingle stories and share their truths,
or the lovers holding hands and speaking dreams
and fears and words not said before
that come out freely and softly between them and
leave a trace of romance that fairies catch
and then shriek in playful ecstasy.