Who are we? I am not certain what has happened to humans, at least to some humans. For example, if we were created in the image of a God/Goddess one could presume the attributes; of strength, courage, love, and kindness, just to name a few, would be intuitive and natural for humans to emulate. Indeed, who could resist or deny these features of an all-knowing and infinite divinity. I, in fact, would assume that being of such elevated wisdom would surely reflect growing well beyond hatred and greed. On the other hand, perhaps we are here purely by the steps of evolution that began some time after the hypothesized big bang. It has been suggested that these steps would be driven solely towards the selection of the fittest and therefore is most capable of surviving - hence survival of the fittest would be obtained. It occurs to me that under either scenario of how humans arrived on earth that there would be little room for hatred and greed. Why would free will take us on the path of destruction?
Hatred and greed lead to small and non-expansive thinking that creates small and non-expansive living. Hatred shrinks and diminishes the human spirit, and all potential of receiving the deeply joy filled experience that comes from exuding or quietly extending love and compassion. The shrinking of the human spirit in turn diminishes the unseen and unknown animate that sparks one’s passionate creativity, and our instincts or insights for connection and integrity of being also fail to flourish. This does not sound like a fit or divine plan for humane survival, and is not a sustainable way of life. So where does that leave us? So I ask again, who are we?
At the moment it appears that we, the human race, have stumbled upon the path of least resistance and convenience. We have chosen to live beneath the potential imbedded in all humans regardless of the means by which existence has been generated. We are out of balance and have lost harmony with nature. I have often pondered over what direction, or even distraction called and took us on the path that demanded allegiance to a force that negates an instinctive reach for love and for community. What is it that has hijacked our promise and brought us to the brink of destroying all that is brilliant, illuminating, creative, beautiful, enduring, sustainable, insightful, significant, and exhilarating? All of which are available to us through our own potential as humans. Potential that is not barred by hatred and greed. Potential that can truly spread its wings by the very power of love and compassion. That potential unified with the integrity of heart and wisdom could make us limitless and free to soar to new heights for all of humanity!
Finally, who are we? We are full of possibilities and together we are everything. We have all that we need to move forward and become the human beings we can so easily be. We can resist the confused path of hatred and greed that comes from the force of fear and misused abusive power, and we can surrender to the truth and guidance that comes from the heart. It is empowering and reassuring to remember that change does not have to take the course of a slow evolving journey. It simply needs the synergy; the alchemy of united love, intention, and compassion, all mingled with just the right timing, for the domino effect to take its roll. This is a time when perversion has gone so far as to have repulsed even its own sensibilities. It starts with a shiver down the spine, with a sliver of revolt, and then finally begs to be saved. We are now gathering our strengths, our hopes, our will, and our readiness for that moment of perpetual motion that resets the path to our true selves as real human beings. That is who we are and the time is now!